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Welcome to Paterson STEAM High School

Students wear orange shirts on a grassy field, carrying a sign.
Students wear orange shirts on a grassy field, carrying a sign.
Students wear orange shirts on a grassy field, carrying a sign.
Plates of food are held by a student who is wearing an Honor Roll blue ribbon.
Students are seated and turned towards the principal who is speaking with a microphone.
A poster on a glass interior window shows Valedictorian and Salutatorian photos for each high school for 2024.
A student wearing blue is also wearing a blue Honor Roll ribbon.
Students and staff sit and stand in a group on a city square with LED signs behind them.
Backs of the heads of students as they walk through a city square surrounded by LED signs.
Students sit in an auditorium with red seats under dim lighting waiting for a show.
Red heart shaped balloons are on the gym floor in preparation for a school dance.
A paper with text that explains Fluorescence glows under blacklight.
A painted planet with rings glows off a black background.
Paintings of the moon, a hand, a flame, glow against black background paper.
Students stand with flags representing various cultural identities.
Teachers stand in a row wearing school uniforms of blue and gray.
A counselor and three students smile and pose for the camera,
Three students pose for the camera in the hallway.
Three students pose with a teacher, laughing and smiling.
A student built battery powered propeller car on table in front of a student.
Student hands sort and manipulate wires that are part of a robotic hand.
Students wear brainwave sensing headbands to power remote small control cars around a track.
Students walk in the distance around the edge of the field wearing orange shirts.
Three students stand in a room with lines of colored light circling them.
Collage of STEAM staff portraits: Security, Food Services, Maintenance, Office Admin.

STEAM News and Announcements

Take a Creative Writing Course at William Paterson for College Credit - $199 per credit - Possible Scholarship $$$

William Paterson University is offering a creative writing course for high school students this summer. This is a credit opportunity for students to explore their love of writing and earn college credits. 

For: Rising 11th and Rising 12th graders
Eligibility Requirements: Rising Juniors (current 10th grader) with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, rising Seniors (current 11th grader) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Cost:  Discounted rate of $199 per credit, high school dual enrollment students may be eligible for a one-time scholarship of $1,000. 

Steps to Applying:

  1. Submit the High School Dual Enrollment Application at  Be sure to select the courses you plan to enroll in on the application. 
  2. Send a high school transcript and a letter from a school counselor to
  3. A parent or guardian must submit a consent form before the student can be registered.  Students will be registered for their desired course(s) by a WP staff member.
  4. Special High School Student Tuition Rate for summer 2024 is $199.00 per credit
  5. Any questions? Contact or Admissions at 

See Flyer here. 

Sign up for a Summer Math Camp!

Sign up for Uplift Academy's Summer Math Camp! -  Open to 7th through 10th graders - July 15 to July 26 - Attendance at the Open House is mandatory for parents and students in order to complete camp registration. -- Open House: June 29, 10:30 a.m. at Uplift Academy, 18 Railroad Ave., Rochelle Park, NJ -- See Flyer for more details

Sign up for this Summer Program at MSU/Yogi Berra Museum!

STEAM students, rising 9th to 12th graders, sign up for this excellent Summer Program at MSU/Yogi Berra Museum! See the attached flyer. 

Information: STEAM 2026 Spring Break Trip - Italy/France!

Please RSVP for the info session!

Dear families, -- We’re going to France & Italy in Spring 2026, and you’re invited! -- We’re excited to tell you more about the trip we’re planning with EF Tours, our educational travel partner. 

In this info session, we’ll talk about:

· How this opportunity will benefit your student

· What we’ll see and do on our trip

· Everything that’s included in this experience

· How your child can earn academic credit

· How we’re keeping this safe and affordable

· How to enroll on this trip (before it fills up!) during EF’s risk-free enrollment period

Find more information here.

Message from Principal Bess


Greetings Paterson STEAM School Parents, Staff, Students and Community as a whole

With a great sense of humility and passion, I am pleased to introduce myself as your new Interim Principal. In fact, as I grew up and was a student in this very district, I know full well how powerful and essential outstanding teachers and an enriching educational environment can be for one’s life. In any event, to assist me in this impactful position is my twenty-four years as a science educator, as a teacher in STEM secondary education, as a K-12 Supervisor of Science Instruction in this district, and as an assistant principal. I also hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Teacher Education and Teacher Development, a Master’s in the Administration and Supervision of Schools (K-12), a Master’s in Education Technology, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. 

At STEAM High School we are committed to ensuring that each student reaches their fullest potential in an empowering and nurturing environment where they develop socially, academically and emotionally. Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to providing all students with a high-quality, personalized instructional experience to meet the diverse needs of our student body. Briefly stated, we strive to prepare the next generation of confident, socially aware adults who are fully prepared for college and their career, as well as to be responsible global citizens who can contribute to addressing the complex challenges in our ever-changing world.

Going forward here at STEAM, we will continue to build upon the currently existing culture of excellence in instructional practices and student achievement such that continuous personal, academic and professional growth can be seen as the heart and foundation of our school. As doing so, in line with the occasion and as part of our inclusive school culture that values the unique talents and contributions of all members of our school community, we will celebrate the collective accomplishments of both our students and members of staff.  

Let’s make this a most meaningful and exciting school year at STEAM! 

Upcoming Calendar Events

Paterson STEAM High School 2023-2024

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, May 26
Tue, May 28
Wed, May 29
STEAM Staff Meeting
Thu, May 30
Fri, May 31
Sat, Jun 1
Sun, Jun 2
Mon, Jun 3
Tue, Jun 4
Wed, Jun 5
Faculty Meeting
Thu, Jun 6
Fri, Jun 7
Sat, Jun 8
Sun, Jun 9
Mon, Jun 10
Tue, Jun 11
Wed, Jun 12
Thu, Jun 13
Fri, Jun 14
Sat, Jun 15
Sun, Jun 16
Mon, Jun 17
Senior Class Awards Dinner
Thu, Jun 20
Fri, Jun 21
Sat, Jun 22
Sun, Jun 23
Mon, Jun 24
Tue, Jun 25
Wed, Jun 26
Sat, Jun 29
Sun, Jun 30
Mon, Jul 1
Tue, Jul 2
Wed, Jul 3
Thu, Jul 4
Fri, Jul 5
Sat, Jul 6


Dr. Nellista Bess


Vice Principal

Mr. Christopher Awad


Main Office Secretary

Ms. Rodriguez

(973) 321-0560

Anti-bullying Specialist for Paterson STEAM High School:  Eileen Opromollo

District Anti-bullying Specialist:  Nicole Y. Payne 973-321-2404

District Anti-Bullying Report Card

School ABR score is 66 out of 78

District ABR score is 71 out of 78

Anti-bullying District Resources here.



Spirit Week - October 2023

Students stand with flags representing various cultural identities.
Two students sit at a cafeteria table, one with a Dominican Republic flag and one with a Mexican flag.
Two students sit at a cafeteria table, one with a headband with Jamaican flag colors, one with a traditional floral dress.
Three students pause in the hallway wearing chipmunk ear headbands and blue, red, and green tops respectively.
A teacher, dressed as the Terminator for Halloween, instructs students in the classroom.
Three students pose with a teacher, laughing and smiling.
Teachers stand in a row wearing school uniforms of blue and gray.
Two students adjust each other's costumes, one an Eeyore onesie, and the other, a Tigger onesie.
Eleven students pose in the hallway.
A counselor and three students smile and pose for the camera,
A group of STEAM staff and STARS/TIES staff pose for a group photo.
Five students pose for the camera in the hallway.
Three students pose for the camera in the hallway.
Three students pose in the hallway.
A student, wearing a taco costume, poses with arms raised in the hallway.
Three students pose in the hallway, each wearing an animal onesie.
A student wearing a dark suit with tie, and a bald cap and mustache, poses in the hallway.
Two students pose in the hallway, one carrying the other on her back, both wearing reindeer onesies.
A student is wearing a red suit, with face painted like a clown, posing in the hallway.
Five students pose in the hallway wearing clothes to represent the year 2000.
Two students pose in the hallway, one dressed as Beetlejuice, the other dressed as a cat.
Three students pose for the camera in the hallway, wearing black pants, button down shirts, and sunglasses.
Three students pose for the camera in the hallway.

Start of the School Year 2023 2024

Students are turned to listen to a teacher in a science classroom with lab station desks.
A student stands at the security desk before entering school for the day.
Students in uniform are turned to listen to a school counselor at the front of the room.
Students sit at a table of four desks put together in a classroom next to a large window.
Two students in the foreground are walking to the front doors, one wearing blue and the other wearing gray STEAM logo shirts.
Students sit at desks inside a classroom and pose for the camera.
Students walk towards the front doors of school wearing their school uniforms.
Three students in uniform, gray and blue, walk by, waving, with a bus pulling into the parking lot behind them.
Students in blue polo shirts and khaki pants wait in front of the school. A staff member walks towards the front doors.
A student wearing a gray polo shirt and khaki pants opens the door for four other students in uniform.

Museum of Modern Art - June 2023

A blurry photo of students and staff lined up in front of a checkerboard cow graphic, alternating pink and yellow.
A teacher wearing a red jacket and glasses points to a location while students listen at an outdoor space in New York City.
Students walk away from the camera to the front doors to exit the museum space with an Andy Warhol print on their left.
Students in uniform are outdoors in New York City on a sunny day.
A student with a camera shows a photo recently taken. The photo is for a sign that reads dial-a-poem.
A red digital figure image covers a wall with viewers in front of it.
The head and shoulders of a student are at the left of the photo as she looks at a Francis Bacon painting.
Students pause inside the museum to take a photo of their group in front of large windows.
A teacher and students gaze up from a seating area.
A view out of the windows shows a sunny day on neighboring buildings and the museum's education wing.
Students in uniform stand opposite a sculpture placed on the floor with a border around it.
Students stand in a curved line and gaze forward to look at a changing art display, inside the museum.
A hand holds up a welcome card which is the ticket for entry at the museum.